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Hydraulic Cylinder/Hydraulic Cylinder Assembly

In the field of mechanical engineering we undertake all design works. Starting from the customer‘s demands and requirements on the product, we keep consultation with the partners.

Not only we could manufacture all kinds of hydraulic cylinders according to the drawing from our customers,but also we could make a design according to customer's requirements.If you require our engineer to make a design,please advise us the following specification:

1. Rated pressure

2. Working pressure

3. Test pressure

4. Working condition and environment ,for example ,temperature ,working frequency

5. Pulling force ,and return stroke force

6. Pulling and return speed

7. Assembly size  

8. Seal ring requirements .For example , brand ,seal material etc .

9. Tube and piston rod raw material requirements

10. Piston rod surface treatment requirements, for example chroming film thickness,Surface hardness etc .

Application:vehicle, construction, shipbuilding, metallurgy industry, hydropower project etc.

Pls send request to sales@ab-steel.com / catalpa@ab-steel.com. We will offer without delay.

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